100,000 dead dog in the festival in China

The Yulin Dog Massacre is a dark spot on the heart of mankind! Kind individuals overall love canines for their adoring hearts, and strength. Pooches ensure our homes, watch our youngsters, and give friendship. They are instinctive, steadfast and savvy.

The Yulin Festival, absolutely a misnomer, as Yulin in China is ten days of puppy torment and murder. Canines are cleaned alive, at that point flame broiled and ateen. This is appalling! Amid the mid year solstice, 10,000 delightful puppies are slaughtered and ateen.

China is an extraordinary and honorable nation, with probably the most stunning craftsmanship and culture on the planet. Yulin is the absolute opposite of respectability. It is barbarous and primitive.

I for one can not overlook the Chinese government’s support, and visually impaired eye towards Yulin. I have decided to NOT BUY CHINESE, the length of Yulin proceeds. There are magnificent Chinese items: garments, home products, toys and numerous other appealing things, which I have cheerfully purchased previously. I will painstakingly read marks, and on the off chance that I see “Made in China”, name, won’t purchase the things. I have addressed my numerous loved ones about Yulin, and they all concur that

For whatever length of time that YULIN CONTINUES, WE WILL NOT BUY CHINESE!

This request of will be conveyed to:

Chinese Ambassador to the United States

Cui Tiankai

Chinese Ambassador to tge United States

Cui Tiankai

Xi Jinping


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