Cristiano Ronaldo donates $ 100 million to stop the slaughter of cats and dogs in the world

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The Daily Mail on its website posted pictures showing clearly the violent ways in which dogs and cats are slaughtered and dealt with during the so-called “dog slaughter day” and cats in China. The newspaper reported that at least 10,000 dogs were slaughtered, many of them Of stolen pets, for the occasion held in rural and largely poor, especially in the Autonomous Region (Guangxi Zhuang). Dogs and cats are slaughtered alive and then placed in boiling pot, and also beaten with hammers on their heads until they crash.

Clashes erupted last year between supporters and opponents of the festival, and some animal welfare organizations are urging the Chinese parliament to adopt and pass animal protection laws. But it has so far been unable to succeed at the level of China except in the enactment of the Single Dog Act passed by the capital city of Beijing in 2006 and allows each family to own only one dog.
The consumption of dog meat and cats is not banned in China, but it is unusual in many areas other than Yulin province, which people used to eat on the occasion of the summer retreat.
According to Chinese tradition, eating dog meat and cats and drinking liquor at the summer solstice will make people healthy during the winter.

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  1. Thank for helping the animals …. I am sure the money will be pt to great use, your help spreading the word about the atrocities that happen will help also xxx

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