How to Feed Dogs in a Healthy Way at Home

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If we talk extensively about eggs, we will find it an excellent source of protein with high biological value, which means that it provides amino acids similar to those needed to repair tissues in the body of dogs, and egg diet food is fairly balanced, and may be useful to add to any special diet Any pet should make sure it does not miss any vitamins.

The eggshell increases the calcium component in the dog’s diet, but you should make sure you have crushed the eggshell well until it is very smooth and similar to the powder. If you want the ideal way, you can use the coffee grinder to do this, or you replace it with Calcium supplementation.

* The other most important element is sweet potatoes, it has about 22 calories, contains complex carbohydrates health, and a decrease in the index of blood sugar, which is important for dogs with diabetes, and potatoes are rich in vitamins C, E B and beta-carotene, potassium, calcium and fiber.

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