Report from Banfield Hospital for Pets

Welcome to Banfeld Pet Hospital’s only report of its kind to capture and analyze the medical data from more than 2 million dogs and nearly 430,000 cats. As the largest veterinary State of Pet Health 2012 Report-the
Practice in the world, Banfeld operates more than 800 hospitals in 43 states, and
More than 13,000 associates-including 2,600 licensed veterinarians-work at
Banfeld. As such, Banfeld has a unique understanding of the health of companion
Animals. Through our intensive commitment to innovation, our practice has
Created this ground-breaking report, now in its second year.
Our commitment to ongoing preventive care and early disease diagnosis was
The driving force behind our focus on the chronic diseases and conditions
Highlighted in this year’s report, including: overweight and obesity, arthritis,
Kidney disease, thyroid disease and heart disease. Over the past fve years,
Many chronic conditions have continued to increase, in some instances, at an
Alarming rate. In this report, the overweight and obesity fndings are some of
The most concerned-since 2007, overweight and obesity have increased by
37 percent in dogs and 90 percent in cats. When pets are diagnosed as overweight, their waistline is not
The only concern; The condition is associated with other serious illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus,
Heart disease and hypothyroidism.
Chronic illnesses are not limited to the fve highlighted in this report. Many of the most common diagnoses in
Both dogs and cats are also chronic conditions that can severely impact the overall quality of a pet’s life and
Potentially become costly to manage. Chronic diseases also include dental disease, dermatitis (skin infection)
Diabetes mellitus and otitis externa (ear infection).
As outlined in the State of Pet Health 2011 Report, which examined diseases from 2006-2011, diabetes
Mellitus increased by 32 percent in dogs and 16 percent in cats; Dental disease-the most common condition
A ff ecting dogs and cats-increased by 12 percent in dogs and 10 percent in cats; And otitis externa-the second
Most common condition a ff ecting dogs and cats-increased by 9 percent in dogs and 34 percent in cats.
At Banfeld, we believe all pets need to receive twice-annual comprehensive examinations-this is particularly
Important as pets get older and are more likely to develop chronic diseases. The key to successful early disease
Diagnosis involves a partnership between pet owners and their veterinarian to identify changes in a pet’s
Overall health and behavior. Pets, especially cats, are known for hiding illness-by the time many diseases are
Diagnosed, it’s ofen too late to successfully treat or manage the condition. This is why it is so important for pet
Owners to work with their veterinarian to understand and identify signs of serious health issues a ff ecting dogs
And cats.
As a practice, our focus is making a better world for pets through preventive care. We are the leader in
Innovative pet healthcare programs, such as Optimum Wellness Plans®-packages of preventive care services

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